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Hire Log Splitter Little River

At Pete Stump Grinding we’re experts when it comes to trees, stumps and every aspect involving wood. Which means we have top-quality, tested and safe machines available for hire. 

Feel it’s time to split some wood? Perhaps winter is which means time to get the firewood sorted. Feel you’re spending hours with an axe trying to separate wood or create smaller pieces? If so, then save yourself the time and tough work and hire a log splitter.

What is a log splitter?

Log splitters process and cut wood quickly, which means you save the hard work, your back and a lot of time. Using a log splitter also lets you cut the wood into even and similar sizes which means easier stacking and availability of various wood sizes to create the perfect fire. 

At Pete Stump Grinding, we have many sizes and types of log splitter’s available. We have big and industrial sizes that are suitable for properties, splitting large pieces of wood and rural properties. And we have smaller sizes available for domestic use as well as machines suited to softwoods and ones suited to hardwoods also. So if you’re looking for a log splitting machine for hire to save you the high cost and effort of purchasing one, then we have the right equipment available for you.

Why use a log splitter?

You don’t have the time.

In today’s increasingly busy society, it’s so difficult to find the time to do long and demanding jobs. Splitting wood with an axe takes time. There’s no doubt about it. However, with a log splitter, you can cut several logs of wood in the time it takes to split one piece with an axe. The time-saving capabilities are excellent, and it means that you can get back to your weekend faster. 

The work is tough on your back and shoulders. 

If you often use an axe, then you’ll understand swinging it takes a toll on your back and even your shoulders too. So save yourself the excessive wear and tear on your body by hiring a log splitter to do the work for you. Log splitters can operate in both verticle, and horizontal positions as well, so they’re better for your body. 

You require timber to be specific sizes.

If you chop wood with an axe, then you’ll understand the challenging process to try and get each piece even. If you require evenly cut pieces, then a log splitter will cut wood to the size you need quickly and precisely too.  

Firewood is your heating source. 

If you’re like most people with a fireplace that heats your home, then you’ll understand the hours, even months in which you spend splitting wood to create all the sizes you need for starting a fire and maintaining its burning evenly. Further to this if you rely on a fireplace to heat your entire home, then you’ll also know to buy already split firewood becomes costly. Which means hiring a log splitter to create different sized wood pieces from large blocks of wood will save you money as well as time during the winter season. 

At Pete Stump Grinding, we’re experts in all of our machinery and equipment, and we value safety and maintenance. Our machines get regularly maintained for your ease of use and to ensure our equipment is always in good working order for you. And your safety gets looked after as well. Remember, safety should always be your priority, so ensure you use a log splitter wearing the appropriate protective clothing.

If you’re looking for a log splitter for home, industrial or rural use to save yourself the tough work and time, then contact the team at Pete Stump Grinding today and let us select the right one for you. 

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