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Peter Rutherford commenced Pete Stump Grinding! in 2012 after moving to the Bellarine Peninsula. Peter is highly qualified and skilled in stump grinding. He is fully insured and is keen to deliver great service to Geelong and Bellarine residents.

Pete Stump Grinding

Pete Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed from your garden, it’s vital that the stump is removed also. Unfortunately, rotting stumps can attract pests like white ants and termites.

Tree’s can be unsafe if they overhang houses and cars. Trees often drop limbs after and during storm activity. Removal of tree stumps can also lessen



    Why Do You Need To Hire Tree Stump Removal Experts?

    Welcome to the expert provider of stump removal and grinding services in Australia. Additionally, experienced professionals are committed to helping you maintain a beautiful and safe property.

    There’s more! Our professionals offer a range of services designed to enhance the appearance and safety of your outdoor space. Below are some of the benefits and features of why you must hire tree stump removal:

    Tree Stump Grinding In Geelong

    Stumps can be unsightly and hazardous to the safety of your property. The state-of-the-art equipment grinds stumps down to below ground level, preventing regrowth and improving the appearance and safety of your yard. With fast and effective tree stump grinding Leopold and tree stump grinding Swan Bay, tree stump grinding in Manifold Heights, tree stump grinding in St Albans Park, and tree stump removal in Grovedale, you can enjoy a clean and clear outdoor space. Removing tree stumps can also prevent accidents, as they can be tripping hazards and can also be a breeding ground for pests and insects.

    Wood Splitter Hire

    Splitting firewood can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. With the wood splitter hire service, you can save time and effort while ensuring your firewood is of the right size and shape. Moreover, high-quality wood splitters are easy to use and maintain and can be delivered to your location conveniently. Splitting firewood can be physically demanding. This is when a wood splitter hire service can help you avoid potential injuries.

    The Significance of Block Splitter Hire

    Creating new structures, pathways, or features in your yard can be a rewarding experience. A block splitter hire service provides you with the right tools to split bricks, pavers, or blocks with ease. Alongside block splitters, you can create the perfect outdoor space without breaking the bank. Moreover, block splitter hire services can save money and time, as you won’t have to purchase expensive equipment, and you can split your materials with precision and ease.

    What’s Fallen Tree Removal in Geelong?

    Fallen, uprooted, or damaged trees can seriously risk your property and safety. An experienced professional has the necessary equipment and expertise to safely remove fallen or damaged trees, ensuring that your property is secure and free of hazards. Professionals also take care of fallen tree removal in Geelong that is in a state of decline or poses a risk to the foundation of your property. Removing trees can also increase the amount of sunlight and airflow, enhancing the growth of other trees and plants on your property.

    Root Ball Removal in Geelong

    Trees with extensive root systems can cause damage to your property and nearby structures. When it comes to root ball removal in Geelong, it’s designed to remove the entire root system of a tree, preventing regrowth and damage. This service is particularly useful for those who want to prevent the regrowth of a tree or remove a tree that is causing damage. By removing the entire root system, you can avoid potential damage to your plumbing or foundation and prevent future issues from arising.

    Got Any Queries Concerning up Rooted Tree Removal in Geelong?

    With our establishment, we are committed to providing you with top-quality services that are tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain a beautiful and safe outdoor space. Our services are designed around up rooted tree removal in Geelong, yucca stump removal, saving you time, money, and potential injuries while enhancing the appearance and safety of your property with the best cost of removing a tree stump.


    In the modern age, everything has become either revolutionised or advanced. However, when it comes to log splitter services, they remain intact and old-school. But wait! The use of modern tools and craftsmanship has made the work much better and more straightforward.

    Having said that, log splitter for hire services comprise sending servicemen to people’s homes to split logs for their fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. Here are some parameters to consider when evaluating these services:


    • Log splitter hire in Geelong provide customers with experienced and skilled servicemen who have the knowledge and tools necessary to split logs safely and efficiently.
    • These services can handle a wide range of log sizes and types, ensuring that customers receive the best possible results for their needs.
    • Some log splitter hire in Geelong offer additional services, such as stacking the split logs, removing debris, and cleaning up the work area.


    • Log splitting services save customers time and effort by providing them with skilled professionals who can split logs quickly and efficiently.
    • Using a log splitter for hire can be safer than attempting to split logs yourself, as the servicemen have the necessary equipment and training to do so safely.
    • Customers can enjoy the convenience of having logs split on-site rather than having to transport them to a different location.

    Whether a tree is removed for safety, health or aesthetic reasons, the remaining stump can be an eyesore and cause several problems in your garden or yard. Tree stumps are difficult to remove, and hiring an experienced professional for the job is essential.

    There are many companies that offer tree stump grinding in Geelong, and they can help you get rid of the offending stump quickly and efficiently.

    Tree stump grinding is a cost-effective way to remove tree stumps and roots without having to dig them up. Professional stump grinders use a rotating blade to grind down the tree into small pieces that can be easily disposed of.

    This process is usually much faster than traditional stump removal and is less damaging to your landscape, as it doesn’t disturb the surrounding soil.

    When hiring a professional for tree stump grinding in Geelong, make sure to hire an experienced provider with a good reputation in the industry. Ask them about their experience, the methods they use, and any safety precautions they take.

    Professional Tree Stump Removal in Geelong

    1. Improves the Appearance of Your Property: One of the main advantages of tree stump removal in Geelong is that it can significantly improve the appearance of your property. Removing the stump helps to open up your yard and gives it a more attractive look. Additionally, with the removal of the tree stump, you can use the space to create a new garden or outdoor living area.
    2. Prevents Pests: Tree stumps are the perfect breeding ground for pests such as termites and other wood-boring insects. Tree stump removal in East Geelong can help to reduce or eliminate the number of pests in your yard.
    3. Prevents Injury: Tree stumps can be a potential hazard in your yard, as they can be a tripping hazard or can be used as a climbing platform by small children. Tree stump removal in Geelong reduces the risk of potential injury and makes your yard a safer place for everyone.

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