Why Pete Stump Grinding Is Good For The Environment

A lot of people are dead set against anyone who does tree removal or pruning services. It is understandable for people to want to protect trees because trees can do so much good for the environment. But there are several instances where property owners might have no choice but to clear trees from their property. 

If trees die, become diseased, are considered invasive, pose a risk to property, or get in the way of new structures or growths then they sadly have to be removed. 

While you are removing a tree, you will want to make sure to use the most eco-friendly way possible to get to the task and the best way to do this is with stump grinding.

Let’s take a closer look at why stump grinding is good for the environment.

No Chemicals Are Used

Some people will advise you to pour chemicals into the tree stump so it can erode faster while others might advise you to use poisonous products to kill trees. These are horrible solutions because all of those toxic elements will eventually leak into the soil where they can cause a lot of long-term damage. With tree stump grinders, the soil isn’t exposed to any toxic materials or chemicals.

The Stump Is Turned Into Soil Nutrients

When tree stumps are ground into small pieces, the bits and pieces of wood can be used as mulch on top of the soil or in compost heaps. 

As a mulch, these old wood pieces will protect your plants from heat, they will keep the moisture trapped inside the soil for longer and they will slowly nourish the soil.

If the wood chips are turned into compost, they can be used in potting soil or garden beds to nourish new plants and growths. 

Good Pet Control Method

Old tree stumps tend to become infected with pests like termites and roaches. These pests can become a threat to your home and you might be tempted to start using pesticides to get rid of the infestations. 

By grinding the stump into small wood chips, it can no longer serve as a habitat for pests. Your garden and home will be much safer and there will be no need for toxic pesticides.

Clear Space For New Growth

Old tree stumps don’t serve much of a purpose to the environment because they cannot produce oxygen. These stumps only end up taking up a lot of valuable space. By clearing up old tree stumps or getting rid of invasive trees, you will get to make space for new growths. The new plants or trees that you position in their place will be a much greater asset to the environment. 

Good Control For Invasive Species

Invasive trees can cause a lot of damage to the environment. They can contribute to water losses, crowd and smother native plant species, disrupt the balance of the ecosystem, and can affect wildlife habits. These invasive species can also be very difficult to get rid of because trees can sprout again after being cut off. With stump grinding, the entire stump and a part of its root system are removed. This eliminates the possibility of re-sprouting and keeps these invasive species from returning. 

If you need to clear some old stumps and trees from your property then it is time to give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call. These professionals can assist with any sized tree stump even if it is positioned in a tight access area. They can clear the tree from your property as eco-friendly as possible and will help you get rid of old stumps in no time at all. 

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