Why Autumn Is A Great Season To Get Old Tree Stumps Removed

Autumn is one of the best times of the year. The weather is no longer scorching it is a lot nicer to spend time outside so you can marvel at the beautiful scenery. The landscapes are usually gorgeous during this time of the year with lots of rich tones of gold, yellow, red, and orange to be enjoyed all around.

Autumn isn’t just a great season for spending time outside, it is also one of the best times to get some old tree stumps removed from your yard. 

Old tree stumps can make your yard look quite unpleasant and they can take up a lot of room in your garden. It is important to get them cleared out and this is the best season to get this maintenance task done for all the following reasons.

Prevent Pest Infestations

During autumn, a lot of pests like rodents and insects will start seeking shelter for the colder winter months. Old tree stumps in your yard is an ideal habitat for all sorts of nasty pests like roaches, fleas, termites, rats, and even snakes because the rotting wood is easy to hollow out and doubles as a food source for many of these pests. 

If you want to avoid an infestation in your garden then it is good to clear out the old stumps before these pests start transforming the stump into a home and breeding ground.

It Is An Ideal Time To Start Reinventing Your Landscaping

Most people believe that spring is a good time to upgrade their landscaping and most people who start in spring fail horribly with these projects. This is because landscaping projects start much earlier because you need to do effective planning and research before you can start adding those new growths. Winter time is the ideal time to start planning your new landscape layout because you get a much clearer view of your yard layout. Autumn is the time you should be getting rid of all the tree stumps, dead plants, and other landscaping elements you no longer want so you will have a blank canvas to work on come winter.

You Will Get Lots Of Healthy Mulch

When tree stumps are removed with the use of a grinder, they produce lots of mulch. This mulch can be worked into garden beds or layered on top of your soil around trees and shrubs. The mulch will act as a natural fertiliser and will deposit lots of nutrients into your soil over the next few months. By the time spring arrives, the organic matter will have done its work and your soil will be packed with nutrients and minerals that can help your plants flourish and grow. 

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Late autumn and winter already look dull and bleak. The last thing you need is a dull and dead tree stump to emphasise the gloomy feel of these cold months. Old stumps in your yard can make your property look untidy and worn down. When you get these dead trees cleared from your yard, your property will look well-maintained and your curb appeal will be enhanced. 

Most Younglings Have Already Spread Their Wings

If you adore nature and animals then you might be worried about disturbing animal life that might be living in an old dead tree. Well, in autumn you need not worry. By this time, most animals like chicks, lizards, and squirrels have already grown up and are ready to leave the nest. It is safe to clear out the stump since you likely won’t be disturbing any hatchlings or younglings. 

Don’t wait until springtime to start working on your garden. Give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call and get all of the unwanted trees and tree stumps cleared from your property so you can create a great-looking and pest-free garden. 

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