What Happens If I Leave A Tree Stump?

It is quite tempting to leave a tree stump in the ground after getting a dangerous or dead tree cut down. Removing tree stumps is after all one tough job because it usually involves lots of digging, chopping, and many hours of hard labour.

Is it a good idea to leave the tree stump in the ground after removing the tree? What will happen if you do this? Well, leaving the tree stump in the ground can have several consequences. Here is a quick look at some of the top things that can happen if you choose to leave the stump in the ground.

Some Trees Will Continue To Grow

Some tree varieties are not easily killed. Some tree varieties can eventually grow back and some might even make a full recovery after the initial tree has been cut or chopped down. In these cases, all the roots left behind did not decay. 

Instead, the tree roots continued to collect nutrients from the ground and still had enough chlorophyll left to produce sprouts. Property owners who want to completely remove a tree need to be very careful of this scenario. If left untreated, the tree stump will continue to grow, and continue cutting down the stumps can be very annoying. 

Your tree stump may also start to sprout from the roots which can result in new trees emerging close to the initial stump. If this happens, the new saplings will continue to feed off the old stump and the old stump and root system will stay in your way without decaying for as long as the new sapling provides it with needed nutrients.

The Stump May Start To Decay over Time

If the tree did not survive the trauma of getting cut down then the roots and stump will eventually start to decay. The roots are usually softer and will decay first. The tree stump itself can however take many years to fully decay. In the meantime, this stump can continue to take up space in your garden and could stay in the way of your new constructions.

Decayed Stumps Can Become Infested With Pests

The decayed stump and root material offer pests and insects lots of benefits. The stump itself can become a cosy home for pests like snakes, lizards, mice, and rats. The rotting root system will also lure all sorts of insects such as roaches, termites, ants, and many other insects to your garden. Decayed tree stumps are also likely to become infested with fungi and might even start to bear diseases. 

The Stump Can Get In Your Way

Tree stumps in the ground might not seem like much of a nuisance right now but will eventually get in your way. Stumps can be annoying to deal with even if the stump is cut off just below the ground surface. The stump will take up space in your garden and will keep other plants and grass from growing in that spot. It can also be an obstacle that gets in your way if you are planning to create other structures or garden features like walkways in the area. 

It is always better to get the tree stump removed from the ground rather than leave it where it can sprout new shoots or cause nasty infestations. The best way to get stumps effectively and quickly removed is with stump grinding. 

Pete Pete Stump Grinding

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