Tree Species You Should Immediately Remove From Your Property

A beautiful tree can add a lot of charm to gardens. Natural trees are great for cooling down your property and can be very beautiful. Sadly, not all tree species are a blessing, especially if they are planted too close to your home. Trees with invasive root systems can cause a lot of damage to your home foundation and garden structures. Some trees are also invasive and should be removed because they can be damaging to the ecosystem. 

It is important to do a little bit of research on a tree before you plant it. It is also best to research the trees you have on your property because some species can cause lots of trouble. Here is a quick look at tree species that should be removed from your property immediately, especially if they are planted close to your home or garden structures. 

Yucca Trees

Yucca trees are beautiful but they are known to cause a lot of property damage. These trees can produce long tap roots that can clog up gutter systems. The trap roots are also known to cause foundation issues. If these trees grow underneath your home, they will lift the foundation which can cause the walls to crack. The taproots can also damage pools, walkways, and concrete surfaces.

Yucca trees are very difficult to remove because they tend to re-sprout from the taproots and root ball. 

Oak Trees

Oak trees can grow very tall and the long branches can cause damage if they drop down during a storm. The root system of this tree is also very aggressive. The roots can affect underground structures and can clog up drains or water pipes. 

Pine Trees

Pine trees are also invasive in Melbourne. The Radiata Pine is a species that you should especially pay attention to since this tree can be a threat to local ecosystems. This tree variety is known to invade open dry ecosystems. It is usually best to get this tree removed, especially if you note lots of new trees popping up all over your property. This tree is also unwanted because it tends to leak sticky sap. This can cause damage to your vehicle and can leave a nasty residue on pathways or even building structures. 

White Popular Trees

White poplar trees are invasive in Australia and it is one tree that you don’t want in a small yard. These tall trees produce a strong root system that is known to cause structural damage. The robust roots also tend to clog up drains. Popular trees also consume a lot of moisture. Their root systems can dry out the soil underneath your home which can cause shrinkage. This may affect your home’s foundation. 

Evergreen Fig Trees

Evergreen fig trees can look stunning and they can produce lots of shades. These fast-growing trees can, however, become quite a pest. They produce a robust root system close to the ground surface. This root system will lift structures and foundations out of place. The root ball will also push up out of the ground and can create a large lump in a garden that might have been level. The rapid growth of the tree trunk can also push against garden walls which may result in damage. 

Stump Grinding for Quick Tree Removal

If you have one of these tree species growing on your property then it is best to give Pete Stump Grinding a call. Our company specialises in tree stump removal and will help you get rid of any tree stumps that might be left behind after cutting down a tree. With our professional stump grinder, even the toughest and biggest stumps can be removed in a flash and we guarantee that these trees will never regrow again.

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