Top Reasons To Get All The Old Tree Stumps In Your Yard Removed Before The Festive Season

Did you lose a tree or two this year? If you haven’t gotten rid of the tree stump just yet then it might be a good time to make this your top priority. A lot of people will just let the leftover stump from an old tree sit in the yard because it can be so difficult to get this bulky part removed. Most skip companies and gardening services also charge extra for disposing of such a huge piece of dead wood.

It is, however, best to get this removal job over and done with before the festive season kicks off. Here are the top reasons to call professionals for tree stump removal right now.

A Clean Slate For 2024

If you don’t get rid of the old tree stump right now, this chore will have to be carried over to 2024. A lot of people believe that 2024 is going to be a much better year and the last thing you need is some of 2023’s chores to drag you down. Get the tree stump removed right now so you can focus on some more fun projects when the new year arrives.

More Room For Guests

If you don’t remove the stump, you will need to work around it during the festive season. This can be annoying since the stump can get in the way of parking or can be a nuisance during garden parties. You will be surprised at just how much room and convenience you will gain from simply clearing away the stump.

Increase Curb And Festive Decor Appeal

A dead tree stump can be a huge sore eye, especially if it is positioned in front of your home. The stump will make any well-manicured property look neglected and it will certainly affect the look of any garden decorations you might want to position on your property. When the stump is cleared away, your property will look tidier and it will be much easier to work with all of the electrical lights you might want to add.

More Room For Decorations

It is quite popular to add plenty of oversized Christmas decorations to your yard. Christmas decorations like wooden novelty scenes, inflatable decorations, large outdoor Christmas trees, and oversized Christmas orbs are all very common. With the tree stump cleared away from your property, there will be a lot more room to prop up these types of extravagant decorations. 

Extra Mulch For Your Outdoor Spaces

When tree stumps are ground into small pieces, you are usually left with plenty of healthy mulch. The mulch or wood chips can be used to perk up some of your garden beds. Some also like to use mulch as a ground cover for bare areas in your yard so the dust and dirt will be contained. This layer of wood chips can be a perfect spot to position a nice outdoor dinner table. 

Avoid Further Property Damage

The roots of some trees can keep growing long after the tree has been cut down. This can cause damage to underground pipes or might cause some of the garden features to crack or lift out of place. Getting the stump removed will avoid further growth and problems.

If you want to quickly and affordably get rid of an annoying and ugly old tree stump then you should give Pete Stump Grinding a call. Our large stump grinders are powerful enough to clear up even the toughest of hardwood trees. With our services, your hard will be stump-free with plenty of room for all of your guests or festive decorations. 

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