Things You Should Know About Hiring a Log Splitter

Do you have a big dead tree in your backyard that needs to be cleared away? Or perhaps you are clearing a field and have a lot of wood that needs to be split and processed so you can use it as firewood?

Splitting wood is a tough job that can take a lot of hours to complete. A log splitter is an ideal tool to reduce the labour intensity associated with these tasks and they can save you many hours or even days of hard work. 

It is however important to hire the right type of machine for the job. In this guide, we are going to take a look at important things to consider when you choose to get these machines.  

What Is A Log Splitter?

There are quite a few different types of log splitter devices. These tools vary from small manual splitters that require you to manually hammer the wood through the splitter to large hydraulic machines that can grind down large logs into small pieces of wood in no time at all.

Important Things You Should Know About Hiring A Log Splitter

It is always good to do a bit of research about log splitters before you hire one. Here are some of the most important things you should know about these handy devices. 

Log Splitters Can Process Any Type Of Wood

Most log splitters are able to split any type of wood. They can be used on dry or wet wood and are ideal for chopping up hard or soft wood types. If you are splitting a lot of dried hardwood trees then it is advisable to get a petrol-powered splitter with lots of power. Smaller electric machines can have a tough time with extremely hard wood types.

You Will Need To Wear Safety Gear

Log splitters are designed to do most of the hard work for you. These machines are incredibly powerful and can be dangerous to operate. If you are hiring a lot splitter then it is best to wear the needed protective clothing. It is usually best to wear tight-fitting clothing so loose bits can’t get caught up in the machine. It is also a good idea to wear some thick gloves to protect your hands from sharp splinters, goggles to shield your eyes from projected wood scraps, and some steel tip shoes to keep your toes protected in case of a stump slips through your fingers.

It Is Best To Have Only One Operator

When using these machines, it is usually better to only have one operator handling the machine. These machines can usually only accommodate one user at a time. If two or more are using the machine at the same time it can result in accidents or injuries. If you have a helping hand then your assistant should be handling some other chore like stacking split wood, while you are manning the machine.

Keep Your Work Area Clean

It is better to keep your work area clean and clutter-free. If too much wood is piled up around you, it can become difficult to move. Debris can increase your chances of slipping and falling and can put you at risk. With a clean work area, you can stay safe and secure while handling these dangerous machines.

Logs Should Be Split Off-Centre

The core of logs is usually much harder than the surrounding parts of the log. To keep the machine from working too hard, it is usually best to place your log so the machine can split it in an off-center area.

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