The A-Z Of The Stump Grinding Process

Are you curious about the process of getting a large and annoying tree stump removed from your property? The idea of hiring a stump grinder for stump removal can be a little bit intimidating if you have never tried it before. You might worry about the cost, efficiency, and time it might take to get that large stump shredded into small pieces.

Well, in this guide, we aim to reveal the entire stump-grinding process so you can satisfy your curiosity or get all the answers you need.

Quotation and Booking

Every project starts with a quotation and a booking. This is a pretty easy step to complete because all you need to do is give Pete Stump Grinding a call and tell us more about your tree stumps and location. Within minutes, you will have the full scope of our rates and you can easily make a booking to get the stumps cleared away at a suitable time and date.

Area Inspection

Before stump grinders can get to work, they will need to inspect the area. This site survey allows the grinding team to derive a plan of action and to identify any potential hazards. Operators will take note of the site incline and find a solid footing so the stump grinder can be positioned securely. Any debris, rocks, or twigs surrounding the tree will also need to be taken note of since the grinder will need to work in a clear area.

The Safety Aspect

Stump grinders are very dangerous machines and operators need to work carefully to eliminate all potential risks. Proper safety gear like goggles, gloves, and work boots should be worn. The area should be properly cleared of toys, yard decor, and tools. A lot of care is also taken to ensure that no pets or kids will come near these dangerous machines.

Clearing the Area

The stump grinder can only get to work safely if the area around the tree has been properly cleared. A shovel and chainsaw are often used to clear away any surrounding growth and other elements like rocks, and sticks that might be found around the base of the tree. 

Stump Trimming

A chainsaw is often used to cut down the tree stump as low to the ground as possible. This isn’t always needed but can reduce the amount of work the grinder has to do and will speed up the grinding process.

Digging Around The Root Ball

Stump grinders are designed to grind the stump a little bit below the ground surface. If you want to remove part of the root ball then a little bit of digging will need to be done. The root ball will need to be exposed so the stump grinder can get to it. 

The Grinding Can Begin

Once the area has been prepped, the grinder will be positioned close to the stump. The grinding wheel will be raised a couple of centimeters above the stump and the wheel blade will be lowered to start grinding into the tree. The weel cutter will gradually chip down the tree stump and will constantly need to be repositioned so the entire stump will be chipped away. The chipping process will continue until the stump is ground down a little bit below the ground surface. 


When the process is finished, the entire stump will be turned into wood chips. These wood chips can then be cleared from the site or it can be placed in your garden so the chips can form a mulch for your plants.

Filling and Leveling

After clearing the area, the dent or hole will be filled out with soil to level out the area. The surface will be raked until everything is smooth and clean. 

Stump grinding is by far one of the very best methods you can try if you want to quickly get rid of those big stumps on your property. Give Pete Stump Grinding a call and we can be there in no time at all to help you clear away any stumps from small to large. You will be amazed at how satisfactory and quick the entire process truely is.

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