Surface Grinding Vs Root Ball Removal – Which Is The Best Method For Tree Stump Removal

Is it better to grind a tree stump down just below the surface or the ground or should you take care to remove the entire root ball? 

This is a pretty common issue for those who have a large tree stump in their garden. These stumps can be a sore eye and can get in the way of new structures or growth. When it is finally time to get rid of that old stump, you probably want to ensure that you never have to struggle with it again in the future. Whether to remove the root ball or just leave it in might depend on a couple of factors like the following.

Future Landscaping Or Gardening Projects

A tree root ball can be a little bit thicker than the stump itself and, even though it can be a little bit softer, the root ball can still be pretty hard. If you are planning on using that space for a future project such as a swimming pool or if you need to construct a building foundation in that exact spot then it is best to get the root ball removed. If you are simply clearing the stump away then you can simply leave it in the ground. The root ball will start to naturally biodegrade after just a few months. 

Replacing An Old Tree With A New One

If you loved the old tree then you might be tempted to plant a new tree in its place. If you want to position the new tree in that exact same spot then it is best to get the root ball removed so the new tree will have lots of room for its root system to develop. If you can position the new tree a couple of meters away from the old tree stump then there is no need to remove the root ball. The old root ball will biodegrade and the biodegraded materials will act as nutrients for the young new tree.

Can A Stump Grinder Be Used For Root Ball Removal

Removing a tree’s root ball can be quite a headache, especially if you are trying to dig the entire root ball out with just a few manual tools. Luckily, there is a better way to go about this because a stump grinder can be used to get rid of the root ball. 

Stump grinders are naturally designed to grind wood and stumps into smaller bits and they are mostly used to grind the stump just below the soil surface. These machines can, however, be used for root ball removal but the process is a bit more laborious and time-consuming. 

To use a stump grinder for root ball removal, the area around the tree will need to be dug up to expose the root ball. The contracting team can dig out the rootball as deep as you need it to be and can then proceed and use the stump grinder to grind down the root ball. The entire root ball, along with the rest of the stump, will be turned into fine wood chips that you can use in other landscaping projects. After grinding down the stump and root ball, the hole will need to be filled out with soil (depending on your future landscaping project).

It isn’t always necessary to remove the entire root ball of a tree but if you do need to go to such great measures then it is best to hire Pete Stum Grinding for the task. We can help you get that stump and root ball cleared from your property so you can proceed with your future renovation or construction projects.

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