Stump Grinding Vs Manual Stump Removal

If you are wondering how to remove tree stumps? You’ve come to the right place! A large tree stump can be a huge sore eye in your landscape. The large stump always seems to get in the way of gardening chores and can reduce your overall curb appeal since it hardly looks attractive with its barren stature and dead bark peeling off from the sides. The only reason that tree stump is still lingering is that it is so difficult to clear out a large stump when the deep root systems are still keeping it firmly intact.

There are quite a few different methods that you can try if you want to get rid of the old stump. In this guide, we are going to take a peek at the two most common tree stump removal methods; stump grinding and manual tree & stump removal.

What Is Manual Stump Removal?

Manual tree and stump removal is one of the oldest methods for getting rid of stumps and it is still one of the most common since you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this method. All you need is a couple of handy garden tools like spades and a truckload of effort.

When stumps are manually removed, the soil around the stump is usually dug up and cleared away. It is impossible to manually dig out a tree’s entire root system because roots can grow very deep into the earth. For manual removal, the area around the stump is usually dug out up to a depth of about 1 meter. When the area is cleared, the stump can be sawed into smaller bits with a chainsaw or a chain can be tied around the stump so it can be pulled free with a large truck or excavator.

Pros Of Manual Stump Removal

  • No machines required 
  • Noise-free
  • Environmentally friendly method
  • No use of chemicals
  • A large portion of the root is also cleared away

Cons Of Manual Stump Removal

  • Grinding tree stump is incredibly time-consuming
  • The project involves a lot of manual labour
  • Labourers can be expensive
  • You will be left with a large hole where the stump used to be
  • Using trucks or other heavy machines to pull the stump from the earth can be terribly risky

What Is Stump Grinding Service?

Stump grinding is the latest and best tree stump removal method. With this method, a large stump grinder or wood chipper is brought to the stump. This grinder quickly grinds down the entire tree and part of its root system into small wood chips. The wood chips are much easier to clear from the site or can be used as a natural mulch for your garden. Stump grinders can vary in size but they should be able to clear the entire large stump in less than an hour.

Pros Of Stump Grinding

  • The method is incredibly quick and effective
  • No chemicals or pollutants are used
  • The stump will be transformed into healthy mulch for your garden
  • The stump doesn’t protrude from the ground since it is ground to a couple of inches below ground level
  • The method is cost-effective
  • Stump grinding is much more exxo friendly compared to many other methods
  • Smaller stump grinders are available for tight access areas

Cons Of Stump Grinding

  • The root system of the tree isn’t removed
  • The stump grinder can be noisy

Between these two methods, it is much better to just give Pete Stump Grinding a call for stump grinding service and log splitter for hire in Geelong. Our professionals can get any sized stump cleared from any location in Melbourne. With our help, that old stump will be gone and you can finally move around your yard without any obstacles in your way. 

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