Replace Old Garden Stumps With These Aussie Christmas Trees

Garden festive decorations have reached a whole different level these past few years. A lot more focus is placed on outdoor decorations than indoor decorations. A lot of people love to hang Christmas lights on trees but no matter how many lights you add, these local trees never have that true Christmas tree vibe. It would be much better if you could replace an old tree or tree stump with a real live tree that has that authentic Christmas tree shape.

In this guide, we are going to share some of the best authentic Aussie Christmas trees to add to your garden if you want to create more realistic Christmas decorations during the festive seasons. 

The Quickest Way To Remove Old Tree Stumps

Before you can plant a new tree in your garden, you will need to clear out an old dead tree or trees that might pose a risk to your home. Getting rid of the tree stump is one of the biggest challenges of removing an old tree. The best and quickest way to get your old stumps cleared from the garden is by getting professional stump grinding.

With stump grinding, the old tree stump is ground into tiny pieces so you can easily remove it from your garden or use it as mulch. If you want to establish a new tree in the old one’s place then you should ask the stump grinders to grind the stump below the ground surface. To do this, the tree removal specialists will dig a hole around the tree so the stump grinder can grind down a huge chunk of the root system. The entire root won’t be removed but deeper roots will eventually rot away and will help nourish the new tree. 

Best Aussie Christmas Trees 

After getting old stumps or trees removed, you will need to shop for a Christmas tree that can survive in warm and tropical climates. Here is a quick look at some of the best replacement trees that can give that true Christmas tree look.

Radiata Pine

Radiata pine grows well in Australia and can reach a height of 12 – 25 meters. These trees are ideal for Christmas decorations because they produce dark green foliage with needle-like leaves. 

Douglis Fir

Douglas fir is a tree that is commonly sold as a Christmas tree in Australia. This is an ideal tree to establish in your garden because it naturally has a triangular shape with spiky leaves. The tree can, however, reach an astonishing height. Some of these trees can grow up to 90 meters tall which can be quite excessive for an ornamental tree. 

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce is an ideal tree to consider if you love blue-tinted foliage or blue Christmas decor. These trees also feature spine-like leaves with a triangular shape and they only grow up to 18 meters tall. 

Norfolk Island Pine

This Aussie Christmas tree is quite decorative with its unique but distinctive leaf pattern. The tree’s foliage is vibrant green but it can grow absolutely enormous.


The common boxwood is a shrub that can be trimmed into any shape. The shrub forms dense foliage and can easily be shaped into that renowned Christmas tree shape. It is a perfect tree to consider if you want something that you can easily control or shape. 

If you need to clear some garden space for these Aussie Christmas trees then you should give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call. These tree removal experts can quickly remove any tree stump for you so you can establish your new festive tree in time for Christmas.

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