Reasons To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps Before Spring

Spring is just around the corner and you will be making a mistake to wait until the 1st of September before you get to work on your yard. When this date arrives, most of the plants will already start to bloom and you should already be working hard on establishing some new growth in your garden. It is also good to get unnecessary elements like old tree stumps removed well before those early spring days. Getting rid of tree stumps right now will benefit you and your property in many different ways like the following. 

The Dead Stumps are Unsightly

The main reason to get rid of that stump right now is probably due to aesthetics. Old dead tree stumps can be an eyesore for a yard or outdoor space. You can try to improve their appearance by adding a nice potted plant on top or by transforming it into a cute fairy house, but on the whole, the stump will still be a major sore eye in your yard. Clearing it from your property will instantly make your yard look a lot fresher and more open.

Clear Some Space

Springtime is an ideal time to do a couple of yard upgrades. That old dead stump will only get in the way of your next landscaping project. It is best to get it removed so you can make way for an exciting new garden feature. Something along the lines of a new bird bath, a natural rock waterfall, or a vibrant garden bed filled with blooms will look much better than an old dead stump. 

Create Some Healthy Mulch For Your Yard

You will need lots of natural mulch to support the new plants you will be adding to your garden in springtime. Instead of spending a fortune on mulch, you can simply get that old stump chipped into tiny bits. These wood chips are very practical as soil cover around delicate plants. The wood will keep the soil cool when the sun gets hot and can make your garden a lot more water efficient since it will keep some of the moisture trapped inside the ground.

Eliminate Pests and Infestations

Pests like insects, spiders, snakes, and rodents love to make a home of old tree stumps. These pests can be hazardous to children and pets and can cause a nasty infestation on your property. It is best to get that stump removed from your site before spring when all of these nasty creditors will be looking for nesting grounds. 

Create a Blank Canvas

It is difficult to see what the potential of your property might b if there are large stumps standing in your way. When all of the stumps are removed, you will have a much better idea of what your property is like. This will give you the opportunity to do some landscape planning so you can develop a stunning space that might be a lot more functional for your family and pets. 

Make Room for a New Tree

June 28th is the World Tree Day and many are advised to grow a tree to help the planet flourish on this day. If you missed your planting on this day then you should definitely try to plant it early spring. Get that old tree stump removed right away so you can mave plenty of space for a new and beautiful tree in your garden. 

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