Quick Garden Improvements that can Have a Dramatic Impact on your Curb Appeal

Is your garden a royal mess? Or perhaps everything is just looking dull and faded now that autumn has arrived? It can be difficult to pick up a garden that is neglected, especially if you are short on funds or want your garden to look impressive within a short amount of time.

The good news is that there are lots of small touches that you can do if you want to create a garden that looks more groomed and professional. The better news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on gardening services to achieve a better-looking garden.

In this guide, we are going to take a peek at a couple of small garden changes you can make for a dramatic improvement in your overall curb appeal.

Clear Out Dead Trees

Dead trees can make your property look eerie and sad. If you notice any dead trees in your garden then it is time to make a plan and get these old growths cleared out. When the dead trees are removed, your garden will look a lot fresher and there will be more room for fresh new garden beds, garden features or new trees.

Remove Old Tree Stumps

A tree stump in the middle of your lawn or nest next to your garden wall can be a real sore eye in your garden. These dead stumps are also a constant reminder of the glorious tree you used to have. Instead of trying to refashion the ugly tree stump with some garden decorations, you should just get it removed from the property. Your garden will look a lot more organised and structured when the old tree stumps are cleared out and you will have a perfect opportunity to start leveling out your lawn so your home will have a more groomed look.

Add Mulch To Your Garden Beds

Garden beds tend to look empty and sad during autumn and winter because a lot of plants die back for the colder months or shed their leaves. If you want your garden beds to look a little bit more structured, bright, and groomed then you should consider adding a thick layer of garden mulch on top of all of your garden beds. Mulch will make your garden beds look all tidy and they act as wonderful natural fertilisers for the soil so your garden plants can bounce back quicker after the chilly winter.

Install A Mulch Walkway 

Mulch isn’t just great for garden beds. These natural products can also be very useful for a new temporary walkway. The natural brown mulch will form a striking contrast next to the vibrant green grass and your little walkway is bound to make your property look a lot more inviting or charming. Just remember to edge your walkway with some bricks or rocks so the lawn won’t grow all over your walkway. You can also illuminate this new soft walkway you created for a more dramatic nighttime view of your home. 

Add Container Plants

Container plants are great for perking up dull properties and they can be moved with great ease should you change your mind abouut the location of a plant. For a striking effect, we recommend brightly coloured containers but you can get them painted any colour you prefer including muted hues. 

Pete Pete Stump Grinding

There are lots of small upgrades or projects you can do in the garden that can have a huge visual impact on the overall look of your property and these projects don’t always have to cost you a fortune. Give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call if you need any help getting rid of old trees, old tree stumps, or if you need some healthy mulch for your garden. 

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