Must Know Truths About Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in Geelong is the very best way to deal with old tree stumps that are left over when a tree dies or when it is cut off. This type of removal service is becoming increasingly popular as more people learn about the amazing advantages of this removal method.

Let’s explore some of the main benefits and best truths about stump grinding for stump removal: 

The Sooner You Schedule Stump Removal The Better

You don’t have to wait for the tree stump to dry out before you give stump grinders a call. Truthfully, it is much better to get it removed as soon as you clear away the branches and trunk. Stump grinders are perfectly capable of grinding wood that is still a bit moist. If you wait too long, the stump will become a nuisance and pesky insects can infest the stump. 

Stump Grinders are Dangerous

The metal teeth of a stump grinder move at thousands of revolutions per minute. This incredible pace is exactly what makes the machine so effective in grinding down hard tree stumps. However, because of the sheer rotation strength of these machines and the lightning-fast speed they rotate, the machines can be very dangerous to operate. 

Only skilled and fully trained operators should be allowed to man these machines and children and pets should be kept away while the project is underway or they could be injured by projected stumps or wood shards.

The Tree Will Never Return

Stump grinding doesn’t remove the entire root ball of the tree. A large portion of the root and root ball will be left behind after the grinding process. There is, however, no chance that the tree will ever grow back again. This is because stump grinders remove enough growth to prevent re-sprouting. There is no way new growth will resurface from the roots once this extensive project has been completed. 

Grinding Costs Vary Depending on Stump Size

Trees are not uniform in size and that is exactly why stump grinders cannot charge the same flat rate for the removal of these leftover materials.

The cost of stump grinding is usually determined by measuring the diameter or circumference and height of the stump. It can also be a little bit more expensive to clear away hardwood stumps than softwood ones because hardwood requires significantly more grinding and can put a lot more strain on the machine.

The removal team will consider all of these dimensions and elements when they calculate the cost of tree stump removal.

Industrial Stump Grinders are not For Rent

When you hire stump grinders for tree removal, the machine comes with an operator. Homeowners will only be able to rent grinders that are very small and not as powerful because large and powerful machines are a lot more dangerous to operate and can be very expensive to repair if they are damaged.

It is also much better to rent a stump grinder with a skilled operator. The skilled operator knows how to safely handle these dangerous machines and will work carefully to prevent property damage that might be near the tree stump. 

Get Professional Stump Grinding in Geelong

There are lots of other benefits or truths to be discovered about stump grinding but these facts are best experienced in person. Contact Pete Stump Grinding if you want to effectively and quickly deal with tree stumps that are standing in your way. Our professional team and industrial grinders can get any tree stump removed from your property and will ensure that all the best safety measures are taken while clearing these unwanted elements.

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