Is It Better To Grind A Stump Or Remove It?

Whether that old tree outside your home or business has succumbed to disease or its roots are posing a threat to the foundations of nearby structures, chopping it down and starting anew creates a wide range of possibilities for your property. But what should be done about that big, unsightly stump?

Although the tree itself may be long gone, the stump is still organic material with (often) deep roots that will continue to grow for a while until decaying. In which case is it better to remove it altogether or is it better to simply grind it down? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each approach:

Tree Stump Removal

Tree removal is only the first step, albeit an important one. With care and caution, even the tallest of trees can be fell with the right planning and equipment in less than a day. The comparatively smaller stump, however, poses a whole new set of challenges when it comes to removal.

Since trees can have deep roots well below the surface extending metres radially from the stump, removing the stump itself means digging up all of the surrounding roots, specialised equipment, and a lot of labour which all leads to potentially expensive removal and the subsequent landscaping and earthworks afterwards.

Tree stump removal has the advantage of completely removing all of the roots, which could be ideal if you plan to build a foundation or structure in its stead. The main disadvantage is that the large, unsightly hole left behind can create all sorts of new problems.

Tree Pete Stump Grinding

A great alternative in most cases for tree stump disposal is to have it ground down into a fine mulch. Tree stump grinding is surprisingly cost-effective, especially when compared to complete removal, and it produces a nice little byproduct: rich mulch for your home and garden.

Tree stump grinding has the advantage of completely removing the stump from sight for an affordable cost, but its disadvantage is that it leaves behind roots to decay over years (usually 10 years or so).

Doing Nothing

The last option is to simply leave the stump there. Obviously, it’s the most cost-effective since you don’t need to hire a removal or stump grinding company at all. Unfortunately, it’s also the worst option since neglected tree stumps pose all sorts of hazards. Avoid letting your tree stump sit there and have it dealt with professionally instead.

Verdict: Grind It or Remove It?

Depending on your circumstances, grinding or removal each have their own advantages. Unless you’re planning to use the tree’s former location for construction purposes, however, by far the most ideal option is almost always to grind it down into a pulp.

Fortunately, tree stump grinding is less time-consuming and can take as little as a few hours to have the tree stump completely ground down. If your home or business needs to be rid of an old stump, consider grinding it down.

Pete Pete Stump Grinding

Rotting stumps create all sorts of hazards, including tripping and safety hazards, attracting ants and termites, as well as looking just plain ugly. Contact Pete Pete Stump Grinding to have your old tree stump ground down efficiently and quickly.

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