How to Remove Stumps In Tight Access Areas

Removing trees and stumps from your garden is pretty tough in general. But when these trees or stumps are located close to a building or in a tight access area, these jobs can sometimes seem impossible. 

In tight access areas, you need to be extremely careful when chopping down the tree or you can cause roofing damage or structural damage to your surroundings. It is also very hard to remove stumps from the ground because there often isn’t enough space for digging around the trunk.

So how do you get a tree out of these tough areas? In this guide, we show you the modern way of getting this task completed in no time at all.

First, Get Rid Of the Tree

Before you can reach the stump, you will need to chop down and clear the tree from the region. Try to get the tree cut off as close to the ground as possible and get rid of all parts of the tree before you get to work on the stump.

Hire a Stump-Grinding Professional

It isn’t possible to dig a stump from a tight access area because there is hardly any space for large equipment like excavators or bobcats to reach in these areas. If the space is very limited, there probably won’t be any room for manual digging either. 

You need to hire a stump grinding professional to make sure it is properly taken care of. The stump grinding machinery used for this service is heavy-duty and specially developed to remove stumps from tight access areas. 

Machines like the predator 38RX are compact in design and are fully robotic. This makes it possible for these machines to fit into areas with gaps as small as 670 mm so they can grind down stumps. 

For larger stumps, machines like the Rayco RG80 are more suitable. These machines are more powerful and can grind down larger stumps a lot quicker. They are also fully robotic and can fit in tight access areas as small as 900 mm. 

Why Use A Stump-Grinding Service?

Calling a professional stump grinding service rather than a more general service is the most suitable solution for getting rid of rotting tree stumps in tight areas. It comes down to their expertise in handling these jobs and the stump-grinding machinery they use for various reasons:

 01. Safer and Neater Than Digging

Firstly, these machines don’t need to dig around the tree roots to get the stump out. There is no need to lift concrete or break down walls to get the stump removed. Stump grinders have mechanical components that grind down the stump into small pieces of wood. With digging, the surrounding region needs to be excavated so the stump can be pulled from the ground. Stump grinders will chip down the stumps from the top until they are fully chipped down to below the surface. These small chips can then be cleared without any need for digging around the stump.

 02. Compact Machinery

Secondly, these machines are more compact compared to other machines like excavators and bobcats. They can easily fit in tight areas such as gaps between buildings or between structures. 

 03. Better Navigation

The third, and probably most important, the reason these machines are ideal for removing stumps in tight access regions is their robotic nature. With other machines, the operator needs to sit on the machine to handle the device. With robotic stump grinders, you don’t have to sit on the machine. You can easily move around the machine and stump to navigate the machine as close to the stump as possible. 

Standing beside the stump while getting it ground down is a lot easier and you can see much clearer since you have a better view of the grinding components as they work. 

 04. Better Control

Another good reason to use a stump grinder is so you can avoid damage to surrounding structures. You can move around the machine to see where you are working, the machines can fit into smaller areas and you have more control. These features allow you to work more accurately without risking any damage to buildings that might be next to the stumps.

Pete Pete Stump Grinding 

Getting a stump removed from a small and tight access area is very easy if you have the right professional on the job. Give Pete Pete Stump Grinding in Geelong a call now and get your stumps cleared from even the tightest of areas in no time at all.

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