How To Keep A Tree From Growing Back After Removal

Nature is a very powerful force that can sometimes be challenging to deal with. Stubborn trees like poplars, maples, red oaks, beech, and ash trees are good examples of the power of nature. These tree species are known for their tenacity and can grow back or form new sprouts long after chopping down the tree. These trees can regenerate time and time again because they can store sugars and nutrients in their root systems. 

While the ability to regenerate after enduring so much stress is admirable, it can be very annoying to constantly chop down a tree that keeps regrowing. This is especially true if the unwanted tree is growing in an unsuitable area right next to your home.

So how do you keep a tree from growing back after being cut down? Our guide has some of the most helpful tips.

Why is The Tree Stump Growing Back

The tree stump is able to grow new sprouts or grow back because the root ball is still intact. The root ball is where the tree stores plenty of nutrients, moisture, and sugars. In-tact root systems will keep fueling this root ball and will continue supplying this part of the tree with energy so it can grow back. This root ball will keep developing new sprouts and new roots for as long as it still has resources stored away. 

How to Keep A Tree From Growing Back

Most trees can only re-grow or re-sprout from a root ball and not from the roots themselves. The root ball is the biggest or chunkiest part of the tree and the area where the root system and tree trunk connect. The only way to keep the tree from growing new sprouts is by removing or destroying the root ball. If the root ball is destroyed, the tree won’t have enough nutrients to recover and the connected root system will also die. 

This bulky part of the tree can, however, be challenging to remove because it is usually located under the ground surface and it tends to be wider than the tree trunk. 

How to Destroy a Root Ball

There are lots of different ways to kill a tree’s root ball. This part of the tree can be killed by digging it out and removing it from the earth, by damaging it, or by killing it with chemicals. 

Stump Grinding – The Ultimate Solution

One of the very best ways to get rid of a tree stump and to keep a tree from ever growing back again is by using a stump grinder for tree removal. Stump grinders are powerful machines that are designed to grind the tree stump and a part of the root system into small wood chips. 

With most tree species the tree stump is chipped and ground a couple of centimeters below ground level. With stubborn tree species, the area around the tree stump can be cleared so the stump grinder can reach deeper into the earth and cause more damage to the root ball.
When the powerful grinder chomps away at this chunky underground tree part, its reserves will be destroyed and the tree will no longer be able to produce sprouts or roots.  It will be completely dead and the remaining root system will soon start to decompose. 

Get Professional Stump Grinding in Melbourne

If you have a stubborn tree stump that keeps sprouting new stems then the best thing to do is give Pete Stump Grinding a call. Our skillful team and the powerful grinder will completely remove the entire tree stump and its connected energy reserves so you can overcome your tree issue for good. 

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