Fun Facts about Removing a Large Tree Stump from Your Garden

Losing a large and beloved tree because of a storm or plant disease can be heartbreaking. It can take many years to replace that beloved tree and even after all that time, you are never guaranteed to get a tree that will offer the same visual beauty as your previous tree. One of the toughest parts about replacing an old tree is to get the tree stump removed. The tree might be dead but a deep root system is still intact which makes it very hard to clear the old tree from your property. 

In this guide, we are going to take a look at a couple of fun facts about getting that old stump cleared from your property.

Old Tree Stumps Can Lure Infestations

It isn’t a good idea to leave the tree stump sticking out in your garden. The old stump is very likely to get in the way of new developments and can take up quite a bit of space. Old stumps also tend to attract insects and pests that can cause a nasty infestation in your garden. It is much safer and better to deal with the stump as quickly as possible.

The Old Tree Stump Can Lower Your Property Value

Old tree stumps can make your garden look a bit messy and can take up a lot of space in your yard. This can be a problematic feature for prospective buyers. If you are not planning on selling your property then the stump probably won’t be an issue. But for homeowners looking to sell, it is usually better to get a large old stump cleared out before you start taking photos for marketing. 

Pete Stump Grinding Is the Best Way To Remove An Old Tree

Stump grinding is the new and best way to remove an old tree stump from the ground. This method involves the use of a large stump grinder to grind the stump into smaller fragments. Stump grinding offers many benefits. It is much quicker compared to digging up and extracting a large stump, the clean-up is much simpler since the stump is ground into smaller pieces, and the leftover materials can be used as mulch or to produce compost for your garden.

Pete Stump Grinding Can Extend Beyond the Ground Level

With stump grinding, the top of the stump is usually ground into small pieces. But this method can be used to grind the stump up to 12 inches below the ground surface. The rest of the root system will quickly decompose because tree roots are much softer compared to the stump. This will allow you to plant new growths in the same spot as soon as the stump is cleared away.

Stumps Can Sometimes Regenerate New Trees

Property owners often need to cut down trees when they become a hazard or when these trees are invasive. When trees are cut down with the root system still in place, they can sometimes regenerate. This growth often shows up on the tree stump but in some cases, the growth can show up along the root system. It can be annoying to frequently battle new tree sprouts, especially if these sprouts show up in areas where they can cause property damage. Tree stump removal is an excellent way to keep these sprouts from forming.

Do you have a large tree stump that needs to be cleared from your property? Pete Pete Stump Grinding can be there to help you with just one call. These tree removal experts can get any type of tree removed from your property no matter how large or small the stump might be.

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