5 Reasons You Need Pete Stump Grinding Services

Tree stump grinding is essentially the removal of a tree stump by way of grinding using high power machinery. There are many reasons to have tree stumps removed, but it can be laborious and even dangerous for those who have no experience or little expertise. Read on for five reasons why you might find you need to hire stump grinding services.

01. Hazardous

Tree stumps can be hazardous if they are not easily spottable. Children and adults can trip over them. They can also pose a risk to pets and animals. If that is not enough, tree stumps can also rot and attract insects, ants and termites that can attack nearby buildings causing thousands of dollars worth of structural damage.

02. An Eye Sore

While some tree stumps may not be obvious at first glance, many of them stand out and can be aesthetically displeasing in an otherwise beautiful landscape. Imagine lush green grass, blossoming trees and beautiful evergreens, with an ugly and barren tree stump right in the middle of the scene! This is where stump grinding services can help remove the stump, level up the land, and prepare it for landscaping once again. 

03. Interrupt Sporting

Tree stumps can also interrupt an otherwise level and vast play area and make competitive sports and similar activities difficult to host. Football, tennis, badminton and other similar sports that are enjoyable on grass can be challenging to manage fairly with tree stumps in the middle of the play field.

04. Tree Stumps Can Rot

Tree stumps can rot, causing other issues including insects and termites. These can be difficult to get under control unless dealt with swiftly. The sooner a tree stump is removed, the less likely it is to rot and attract insects.

05. Diy Pete Stump Grinding Can Be Dangerous

It is possible to hire stump grinders and have a go at removing your unwanted tree stump yourself. However, the stump grinders available for public hire are usually low strength due to safety concerns. Professional services have industrial and high powered machinery to ensure a thorough job is done.


Tree stumps need to be removed thoroughly to ensure that regrowth does not occur or that it does not start to rot. A tree stump that is left can be an eye sore and also prove hazardous to children and adults alike who may bump into it or trip over it unwittingly. Grinding the tree stump minimises regrowth, makes the area safe and leaves the ground ready for landscaping, or any use you require.

Tree Pete Stump Grinding is a highly specialised job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. Pete Pete Stump Grinding in Geelong is a professional service that will take care of your unwanted tree stumps with the proficiency and skill required. We can take care of all your stump grinding needs. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.

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