Why Winter Is the Best Time to Remove Trees and Stumps

Many of the projects you used to do in summer are put on ice when winter arrives. These chilly winter months are not the best for growing new plants because they take much better to the soil in spring. These cold months are also unsuitable for watery projects because it is so cold outside. 

But not all projects need to be cancelled just because of the cold weather. Wintertime is a great season to reinvent your landscaping. It is also the best time to remove trees and stumps. Here is a quick look at why we believe that you should get to work on tree removal right now.

Easier To Identify Problem Areas

When all the leaves have fallen, you get a much clearer picture of the structure of your tree. You can see which trees are potentially dangerous and which ones pose little threat. It is easier to identify which trees should be removed and which ones to keep when you have a clear view of the raw structure of your garden and trees.

Less Clean-Up

By now, most of the leaves have already fallen. If you remove a tree now, you have a lot less to clean up and haul away. Your projects can be completed in less time and you won’t need quite as big a skip bin or trailer.

Prevent Summer Infestations

Insects and animals love to stay in old rotting tree stumps. When spring arrives, these pests are always on the lookout for a new habitat. Removing dead trees and stumps during spring will help you avoid infestations in your garden. 

More Nutrients for Other Plants

Trees absorb a lot of nutrients and water from the ground. There tend to be fewer nutrients available during winter. This is mostly because the rainfall reduces and not as many nutrients wash into the soil. When you remove the trees that are in your way, there will be more water and nutrients available for your other plants.

Avoid New Tree Growth

If you do cut down a tree, you should get the stump removed before spring arrives. A lot of trees will sprout new growths around the stump because the root system is still intact and can nourish these new growths. Removing the stump right now will prevent these growths from growing out of your soil when it gets warmer.

You Have More Time on Your Hands

You probably have a lot more time on your hands now that you can’t enjoy swimming and water sports. Put all that extra time to good use and clear up your garden so you can start fresh when spring arrives. 

Make Room for New Spring Projects

Old dead trees can take up a lot of space in your garden. Winter is a good time to reinvent your landscaping because not many plants will grow well during this season. When you clear up more space in your garden, there will be a lot more room for fresh and new spring gardening and landscaping projects.

It Is Easier To Work in Cool Weather

Cutting up tree stumps in the hot sun isn’t much fun. In wintertime, the cooler air allows you to work for longer without feeling heat exhaustion. Those damaging UV rays are also softer and the chances of getting skin cancer are reduced. This is an ideal time for any tough labour project. 

Winter is the best time to clear some space in your garden and to remove trees or stumps that are in your way. For effective and quick stump removal, you should give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call. These professionals can help you get rid of any tree stump in any part of your garden in no time at all. 

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