The Risks of DIY Tree Stump Removal

Cutting down a tree is a huge process. If you already had to chop down a big tree and had to haul away all of those branches, leaves, twigs, and stumps then you probably know this. But cutting down and getting rid of the tree is only a small portion of the work. When you chop down a big tree, there is always a big stump and an even bigger root system that is left behind. Getting rid of the tree stump is often a lot harder than it was to get rid of the tree. 

But the process of removing a tree stump isn’t just a lot of hard work. Getting rid of your tree stump yourself can also be risky. Here is a quick look at some of the risks of removing your tree stumps yourself.

Home Tools Are Very Dangerous

When you remove a tree stump yourself, you have to use the tools you have available. Home tools like a drill, chain saw, and ax are not the safest tools to handle. While you are busy cutting up parts of the tree, the power tool or ax can easily slip and can result in terrible injuries. It is very important to use the right PPE equipment and safety techniques when you are removing your tree stumps yourself.

You Risk Injury

All DIY tree stump removal techniques require some digging and chopping. You can easily spend over 12 hours digging up a stump in your backyard. All of this hard physical effort is bound to result in quite a few stiff muscles – if you are lucky. If you are like many, you will likely tear quite a few muscles in your shoulders and arms that can cause quite a lot of agony.

Burning a Tree Stump Is Always Risky

A lot of people will advise you to remove the tree stump by burning it to the ground. In this method, you usually need to drill the stump full of holes and fill these holes with fuel oil. Once the wood is saturated, you need to set it alight. 

Setting a tree stump on fire can be very dangerous, especially if you have pets or children running about your property. There is always a risk of underestimating the explosive effect of the fuel you use or of setting the rest of your property on fire.

You Can Get Stung or Bit By Dangerous Creatures

Tree stumps often become home to various insects and other pests like rats and snakes. If you start chopping away at the stump, these pests will feel threatened. While most pests will scurry away, some might leap out and bite you. It is much better to use a professional than it is to risk a bite from a venomous snake or dangerous insect.

You Can Cause Damage to Other Structures

It is entirely possible to cause damage to other structures that might be close to the tree that you want to chop or dig out from the ground. It is especially risky to set a tree stump on fire when it is positioned close to your home. People often obtain a lot of damage to structures like homes, foundations, underground pipework, underground wiring, sewer systems, swimming pools, and other structures when they are trying to remove a tree stump.

Vehicle Damage

At one point, you will be tempted to tie a chain around that tree stump so you can pull it from the ground using your vehicle. This is a recipe for disaster because even your tough truck isn’t made for this job. Tree roots go down deep into the ground and they divide into thousands of small roots that anchor the tree to the ground. Your truck just isn’t powerful enough to rip a tree stump root and all from the ground.

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