How Do You Rot A Tree Stump Fast?

Every time a tree is removed, you are left with an unsightly reminder. That leftover tree stump in your garden isn’t just unsightly, it can also get in the way of your garden structures and the root system is always annoying to deal with.

Tree stumps can also become a hazard because these stumps will eventually become a cosy home environment for pests like mice, rats, scorpions, and other dangerous insects. 

If left untreated, tree stumps can sit in the soil for many years, if not decades. If you want to speed up the stump rotting process then you can consider the following handy methods.

Rot Your Tree Stump with Potassium Nitrate

If you have your heart set on rotting your stump with natural ingredients then this can be a handy method to try.

Before you mix your natural ingredients, grab a drill with a large drill tip. Now drill holes down into the stump at a 30-degree angle. 

The holes should be about 10 inches deep. Clean all debris from the holes as you work. Continue to make lots of holes so there will only be about one inch of space between the holes.

Once the holes are drilled, go and get some potassium nitrate or saltpetre. Use a plastic scoop and add some potassium nitrate or saltpetre to each hole. Now pour hot water over the stump so the water will enter each hole. Keep pouring hot water until all potassium nitrate or saltpetre has been dissolved. 

You can now let your stump sit. It should start to rot away naturally. When the wood starts to become soft you can grab a shovel and start breaking down the soft pieces while filling up the holes as you work.

Rot Your Tree Stump By Burning The Large Pieces

If the potassium nitrate mixture is taking too long to rot your stump then you can also try to burn the stump so it will start to rot faster. To burn the potassium-treated stump, place some scrap wood on top of the stump or build a teepee shape with old wood on the stump. Set the stump on fire and allow it to smoulder until the wood has turned into ash.  

You can now use a shovel to break up the leftover pieces and to fill up the hole that is left behind. Any leftover roots and wood pieces should rot away relatively quickly at this point.

Use Salt to Rot Your Stump

If you prefer not to use chemicals in your garden then you can also try rotting the stump with salt. Pour some rock salt or Epsom salt into the holes you drilled. Now allow it to sit and rot. This method is safer for the environment but it can take up to a year for your stump to start rotting. 

Hire Pete Stump Grinding Professionals

The quickest way to rot and remove a tree stump is by getting professional stump grinding from Pete Pete Stump Grinding. In this method, a large machine is used to grind down large portions of the stump. The stump is ground down into small wood chips that can be used to fertilise your soil. The stump is ground down well below the ground surface. 

All hard pieces of the stump are removed and only the soft root system is left behind. This root system will fully rot away and decay within a matter of months after the stump is removed because the stump is where the tree stores most of its nutrients that might be keeping the root system in check.

If you want to quickly and effectively remove your tree stump within the same day then you should give Pete Pete Stump Grinding a call now. This method is much better than any other tree stump removal or rotting system. 

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