Coronavirus: We’re Still Working While Staying Safe | Pete Pete Stump Grinding

If you’re like most Australians, then keeping a social distance away from people is your number one priority. At Pete’s Stump and Grind it’s ours as well, which is why we have developed a contactless tree removal and stump grinding service for everyone’s safety. 

There are government regulations put in place at the moment to keep Australians safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. And one of those regulations is to stop non-essential services operating, so people are keeping inside and not gathering in large groups. In saying this, the government stipulated tree-removal and maintenance services are remaining an essential service. The reason for this is that tree-removal still plays a role in keeping Australians safe and supporting the health of our environment. 

Tree’s can become unsafe, especially if they begin to hang over houses or cars. Furthermore, as we’re heading into winter, the Melbourne weather is becoming more unpredictable with strong winds and storms, which means trees often break and drop limbs. So if you’re after tree lopping and stump grinding or removal we’re still keeping this service to protect your home. 

Neglected trees can become hazardous not just to structures and cars but also people and wildlife as well. And even though the COVID-19 pandemic is a chaotic time for most Australians, it’s crucial we still maintain trees to keep everyone safe as well. 

No Contact Required

You’re probably remaining at home at the moment and working from home as well. But even though you’re there most of the time, you must leave stump-grinding and tree lopping to the experts. We have all the tools, equipment and workers to continue this craft in a professional, safe and efficient way. 

The best news about our service is that it can get completed in a way that avoids any physical and close contact with people. Which means we can continue working, maintaining your garden and lopping your trees without breaking the social distancing rules. 

  • Our quoting services are simple and don’t require contact.
  • We remain working outside with a socially distanced team and don’t need interaction from you. 
  • We will bill you online without having to hand you anything handwritten.

Contact Removed But Our Quality Service Remains

Even though we’ve changed how we operate for the protection of everyone and to remain in the Australian regulations of social distancing, our service remains the same. All our equipment, tools and vehicles are getting disinfected before use and before travel. While we carry out the work, you should stay inside or at a very safe distance to guarantee your safety. As much as our team always enjoy socialising and informing our customers if there are questions or concerns, it isn’t necessary at this time. We will continue to complete our excellent work and service, and once we finish the job, we will send you the invoice via email. 

Please ensure that tree-lopping and stump grinding gets completed by professionals to guarantee your safety. We’re still operating and helping our clients maintain their gardens and keep trees safe leading up to the winter. Remember, trees can become weak and dangerous during bad weather, but we can ensure your property remains safe with professional pruning, lopping and stump grinding. 

If you are removing a tree, or you’ve had a tree removed, remember the stump must get appropriately removed as well. Rotting stumps can attract unwanted pests such as termites and create further problems to your garden and property. 

To ensure the safety and protection of your home, at Pete Pete Stump Grinding we’re still operating and providing a reliable and safe service.  

We offer tree stump grinding in Bannockburn, tree stump grinding in Batesford, tree stump grinding in Bellarine,root ball removal in Geelong, tree stump removal in Bell Park, tree stump removal in Bell Post Hill and other nearby suburbs. We Will be happy to answer any of your questions about our professional tree services and give you a free quote for your stump removal job.

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