6 Ideas For Your Garden After Removing Dead Tree Stumps

You know you should get rid of those multiple dead tree stumps in your garden. You may have had ideas to give them a new lease of life as stools or benches, however, it just hasn’t happened. They have become an attractive home for termites and pests, and they take up valuable run around space in your garden. They may even be causing hazardous obstacles for your children and pets. 

While you may know that the stumps need to go, sometimes, you may find a little extra motivation may help you dial that number to Pete Pete Stump Grinding. Read on for some fantastic ideas for your garden after the dead tree stumps are gone

01. Water Feature

You can maybe replace the dead stumps with some water features around your garden. Water sounds are relaxing, and can attract songbirds in summer. You can consider a small foundation or bird bath for the purpose.

02. Treehouse

Getting rid of tree stumps will ensure that any trees you do have are appreciated and become a focal point in your garden. You can add a treehouse, providing hours of fun for your children and their friends. 

03. Birdfeeder

Another great way to attract wildlife and do your bit for conservation is to add a birdfeeder. You can also make bird friendly areas, and you may find a deep joy in birdwatching right from your living room window in the years to come. 

04. Dog friendly spaces

Flat uninterrupted space for running around is going to be appreciated by the four legged friends of your family. On days where you may not be able to venture far for a walk, a run around space in the garden will make up for it.

05. Vegetable patch

Extra space may mean that you can cultivate the soil and make space for a vegetable patch. The pandemic has taught how a little self sufficiency can go a long way and so you may enjoy growing your own vegetables right at home.

06. Garden furniture

Making space for garden furniture may result in wonderful outdoor breakfasts and evening dinners in the summer. It can make a wonderful family space and will also make hosting barbies this summer more pleasant and enjoyable.


There are so many ideas to consider with your outdoor space. Getting rid of old tree stumps will open a world of possibility for your garden. You can install water features, bird feeders and even introduce a vegetable patch. You may also make way for garden furniture that will provide extra socialising space in your home.

If you are motivated to finally get rid of those tree stumps in your garden then get in touch with Pete Pete Stump Grinding. We will be able to advise on the best course of action for your old tree stumps.

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