5 Ways To Create A Child-friendly Outdoor Space

In an age where technology is consuming the lives of children everywhere, creating outdoor spaces that are child-friendly is ever important. There are many benefits to children spending time outside. It is beneficial for their physical and mental health too. Modern life is busy, fast-paced, and filled with images, whether that is on the television or on smartphones. Continuous exposure to such digital devices has been linked to anxiety too. 

Creating outdoor spaces that are attractive to and safe for children in order to encourage more outdoor play is the way forward in tackling these alarming and growing trends of ‘indoor childhoods’. If you want to encourage your children, or children at your nursery or in your neighbourhood to spend more time outside, but are unsure of what child-friendly outdoor space might look like, then read on.

1. Free open spaces

An idyllic childhood is one where children run free in meadows and grass and open spaces. This space needs to be uninterrupted to be safe. The last thing you want is obscure tree stumps in the grass causing children to trip and have accidents. Moreover, flat and open spaces are more suitable for team sports and play too. Professional stump grinding services are available to help you achieve the flat and child-friendly outdoor space you wish to create.

2. Active play options

Active play is important to get children moving. It has proven benefits for their physical and mental health. There are many things you can incorporate in outdoor play spaces to achieve this. Hula hoops, hopscotch and chalk, balls, slides and swings are all great ways of keeping kids entertained, busy and moving.

3. Sensory areas

Mixing up the floor in outdoor spaces can make them fun and exciting. Sand, gravel, rubber and turf are all great options for this. You can also incorporate additional textural materials for children to explore, such as shells and stones.

4. Imaginative play

Whether treehouses, dens, or a small puppet area, there are many things you can include in your outdoor space to include imaginative play. Children love role play and this is one of the ways in which they learn about the world and life. Encouraging imaginative play is great for their brain development and overall wellbeing too.

5. Safety

Outdoor spaces that are child-friendly should be safe. Precautions should be taken to ensure this. Make sure the places are well-lit and fenced in. in addition, dogs should always be required to be on a leash if they are to be in these areas.


There are many ways of creating child-friendly outdoor spaces. This includes ensuring the ground is free from potential hazards like tree stumps. In addition, you can have active play equipment and multi-sensory floors and items to encourage hands-on play.

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