5 reasons you need stump grinding services this year

Stump grinding is essentially grinding down a tree stump. It grinds down the tree trunk to ground level or below. It is a quick and budget friendly way of removing a tree stump.

It allows a garden to be levelled without removing the roots at the same time.

Read on for some reasons you may need to hire professional stump grinding services this year!

  • Stumps are hazardous

Whether you inherited a property with a tree stump or you decided to chop down the old tree that is causing issues in your back yard, leaving a large tree stump can be hazardous. Tree stumps can cause people to trip and fall, they can also prevent children and pets from fully enjoying the garden. 

  • Enjoy a level garden

Stump grinders can level out your garden by removing all obstacles. It can make your garden sports friendly and can make way for garden furniture and outdoor swings. This can help you make the most of your outdoor space and help you enjoy your home and garden.

  • Improve your garden aesthetics

The fact is, random tree stumps in your garden will affect its visual appeal. It can be a sight for sore eyes and can make your garden look unkept. Removing tree stumps can make your garden look more consistent, green and beautiful. 

  • Prevent termites

Stumps attract insects and other termites. Whilst this may not be a problem in itself, they can soon transfer to your building and house, especially if the stump is closely located. Help prevent pest infestation by removing any tree stumps.

  • Easier to mow the lawn

Whilst this may seem minor, it is far easier and quicker to mow a lawn that is without obstacles. Removing tree stumps will allow for an even lawn that is simpler to mow on a Sunday morning. You don’t have to mow carefully to avoid running into random stumps dotted across your lawn.


Removing tree stumps can help you make the most of your outdoor space. Smoother, obstacle free lawns are easier to mow and safer for the family to enjoy.

At Pete Pete Stump Grinding we are experienced in dealing with stumps of all shapes and sizes. We have the equipment and experience to free your garden of any unwanted stumps. Get in touch today for a quotation.

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