4 Dangers Presented by Tree Stumps in Your Garden

Anyone that has a garden at their home wants it to be attractive, well-kept, and practical. However, sometimes issues can occur that can compromise the condition, appearance, and even the safety of your garden area. One of the things that can cause huge issues in any garden or outdoor space is problems with tree stumps, and this is why tree stump removal is highly advisable if you want to avoid a range of issues.

Of course, one of the problems with tree stumps being left in your garden is that they take up a lot of valuable space. This means that there will be areas of your garden that you cannot use because of the presence of the stumps, which means you cannot make the most of your outdoor space. They also look unsightly and can leave your garden looking in bad shape. However, more importantly, you have to think about the hazards that these tree stumps can pose, some of which are outlined in this article.

What Are the Hazards?

There are various hazards that can arise as a result of tree stumps being left in your garden rather than being removed. Some of the key hazards include:

1. Causing Accidents

One of the serious issues that can arise as a result of tree stumps being left in the garden is an increased risk of accidents. These stumps can lead to people tripping and falling while in the garden, and this could then result in other problems such as head injuries if they fall and bang their head. It can also lead to injuries ranging from stubbed toes through to accidents when using garden machinery such as lawnmowers. By getting rid of the tree stumps, you can reduce the risk of a range of injuries occurring in your garden.

2. Affecting Other Plants

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the stumps in the garden could be from trees that died as a result of disease. If you let these stumps remain in the ground, the disease that killed the tree will still be present, and this can then affect other plants that are nearby. The roots of the stumps can also drain the soil of nutrients, which can also have a negative impact on nearby plants in your garden. By making sure the stumps are removed, you can ensure that the other plants in your outdoor space do not suffer.

3. Harbouring Pests

When you have tree stumps in your garden, they can also harbour pests, and this could have a big impact in terms of your garden being invaded by a variety of insects. This could then potentially spread to your home as well, and depending on the type of pests they are, it could lead to problems with the health of those in your household. So, it is important to get tree stumps removed in order to protect your garden and home from pests.

4. Damage to Property

One other thing to keep in mind is that tree stumps that are left in your garden could lead to damage to your property. This is because the roots of the stumps will continue to grow and could eventually extend to other parts of your property and cause damage such as cracked pipes, lifting concrete areas, and even causing foundation damage.

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